The Creative Mind

I work among teams of exceptionally creative people. What makes the creative mind different?

The creative embraces play as an everyday practice

We are all born creative and it is educated out of us, rather ruthlessly might I add. Children play without thinking. They can transform even the most mundane task into something exciting, and the most bland environment into a playscape. As adults it is easy to dig into deep ruts of rote behavior.

How can you “play” with a current project to open up a new way of seeing it?

They get along with their thoughts

Creative people have periods of regular solitude in order to engage with an inner dialogue, notice patterns and behavior, and pay attention to how they are responding to their environment.  

Do you have regular periods of solitude?

They go back to the drawing board

Sometimes, the “sunk cost” fallacy can cause you to pursue something long after it is no longer a viable option. Creative Producers are willing to re-think their efforts in the face of failure, and explore alternative approaches. 

Is there any place in your work where you are fixated on a process at the expense of an outcome? How can you go back to the drawing board and try a new approach?



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